Ofada and Ayamase – Designer Stew

I am really still reeling and excited about the responses I got on my first post! Motivated me to keep cooking, and well eating too.


The Hardest part of writing this blog post was the title. Choosing from Ayamase, or Ofada Stew or Gbadun Stew, it was a hard choice.

Growing up in the Western part of Nigeria and from my ‘buka’ experiences this stew was it. It touches parts of your palette you do not know about. When you get it right you have to make the “Yes Lord” face. I’ve always wondered why we call it Designer stew, but then I figured its called that because it costs a lot of money to make due to its ingredients.

I’m trying really hard not to give this a fancy name, this dish take approximately 45 minutes to prepare. And to make this stew you would need a few items.

Rubber Gloves to pick and cut the peppers, a face mask in case you have really sensitive nostrils, groceries, pots, and a bottle of cold water for later.

Ingredients   (no the slippers and legs are not a part of the ingredients)

Meats – Gizzard, Chicken Livers, Beef pieces, Beef Tripe, and Chicken pieces,

Peppers – Jalapeno, Green Chilles, Unripe bell peppers (Tatashe), unripe Habaneros (Atarodo).




Seasoning cubes

Palm Oil

Thyme, Curry, Garlic.

Assemble the infantry. It is time

Time Saving tip. (don’t try to watch a movie while you are making this dish)

– Season your meats with curry, thyme, garlic and salt and cook them all together, the blend of the flavors from the different meat parts is unique and adds to the taste of the stew.

– Boil your egg(s) for what is an Ayamase without an egg?

– Throw all your green and unripe peppers and onions into a blender, cover your nose with the mask count one to three, then blend the peppers to a coarse and rough texture. (Do not try to sniff the blender contents, learn from my mistakes)

-Pour this mixture in a pot and bring to boil till all its water content evaporates its called reduction in fancy lingo

Reduced Pepper Paste

– Tell your housemates not to be scared if it gets smokey in the house, then in a dry pot pour your palm oil and “bleach” now you really want to change the color hence “bleach”…yah! Cover the pot and leave it on the burner for about seven minutes it is going to be really smokey under the pot cover and the oil a very dark color. Don’t open it just yet. After seven to ten minutes leave the oil to cool down before you add the reduced pepper paste. (After the oil has cooled, you would not love all the fire alarms going off on you).


– Pour in the pepper paste stir and let boil for about five (5) minutes, add in the already cooked meats with a little of its stock along with your seasoning cubes then at this point throw in your cooked eggs and let the stew boil some more for about 8-10 minutes, then guess what happens after this… it is ready!


I made this dish along with Ofada rice and Gizzard Skewers. This the kind of meal you call the boxing legend because… *grins* it knocks you out.

I got the rice in that shape filling some random small dish with the cooked rice pressed it down and flipped upside down in the plate and Voila!


Thank you for following this blog!

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17 thoughts on “Ofada and Ayamase – Designer Stew

  1. Temitope says:

    Waaaooohhh….. Kolapo, you got me reading this piece like tho I never knew how to cook “gbadun stew.” I’m so impressed at what you’re doing & I bless God for giving you such a creative idea. Sincerely, your posts educate, enlighten & refresh my mind on “kitchen things.” No doubt, on this note, I’m your goon of life & ama follow your blog bumper to bumper for cookery trends & updates!

  2. chidinma says:

    Very lovely. Great work tobi

  3. Jazmine says:

    Great job dude, your blog gets better and funnier everytime I read it! ˜º

    1. Tobi says:

      Thank you! I’m excited!

  4. oyedipei says:

    this is really good its great

  5. AmokeADE says:

    Nice… I LOVE what you’re doing!

  6. ADEBIMPE says:

    Kolapo you too like food.

  7. ronke says:

    Haha. .great 1 boo…I love the fact that I can laugh,relate and learn all at once….keep it up yo

    1. AmokeADE says:

      My thoughts exactly!

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