Creamy Vege-Pasta


Today for the first time I am having a Quentin Miller well not so much of a “Ghost writer” if you don’t know who that is. She also loves to cook as much as she loves to indulge in the fashion industry. Based in Italy hence Pasta. I hear it’s their favorite Pastaime.

So basically, this will be the easiest (and maybe tastiest – that is all on you) meal you’ve ever cooked.

For me, this meal is a last resort of some sort. It is the operation-search-the-fridge-for-all-thats-left-and-throw-them-into-a-damn-pot.

*I apologize in advance for the quality of the pictures, I was really struggling with lighting*


  • Some veggies – carrots, bell peppers, also scotch bonnet pepper, tomatoes, onions and peas (not pictured)… peperoncino

You’re going to want to chop the veggies, now with the onions and peas pictured.

  • Pasta. I used spaghetti but any shape works fine, I think
Generally, they look like this..

Generally, they look like this..

  • Cooking Cream
Direct translation

Direct translation “cooking cream”

  • Diced bacon (can be substituted with diced liver, diced beef etc)
  • Also whatever you have left in your fridge.

So, lets cook!

Put some water in a pot and bring to boil. When it’s boiled, put some pasta inside.

*Rule of thumb – one handful of pasta is one serving. Except you’re like hulk, then I can’t help you sorry.

After 8 minutes, your pasta is cooked al dente as we want it, no one eats gummy-bear-soft pasta. Pour out your pasta into a colander to sit.

Put your pot back on the fire and put some oil, butter as you please.

I suggest you fry the hardest to cook items like the cubed bacon in my case, after like five minutes you can add the other ingredients and fry for like 8-10 minutes

It should look like this

It should look like this

Then you can add the cream. I emptied mine (it still was not enough). Depending on how creamy you want it to be.


Let boil for some minutes, but not too long so it doesnt dry up.


Pour your pasta back into the pot.

Close the pot, let steam for some minutes.

Serve it, of course.


Food is ready!

Have with dried bread and a glass (or 3 glasses) of wine. Buon appetito!


By – ‘Denike Adegboye http://demuredenike.com/

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