Assorted Meat Pepper Soup


Hi Guys!

Hope y'all had an amazing weekend! I got to BBQ 24 hour marinated chicken pieces over hot coals and it was so amazing! So mine was great!

I think I'm having some sort of mid-year crisis and the crisis involves only wanting Spicy food. Well spreading the burnt goat meat I got the other day, I decided "you know what, let me make pepper soup" and I had the most sought after pepper soup spice – Foodace Pepper Soup Spice. Let me tell you this thing came out amazing. IMG_3138

Pepper soup is many things in one, it can be medication for stuffy noses, cures malaria, revitalizes the body, improves the immune system. Wait, I am actually serious guys. I would explain but I don't have a nutrition degree. That was what I was told so I have to keep the story alive too.

This is really a very easy, simple, straightforward recipe. I just decided to write a post about it because I took such beautiful photos and couldn't waste them. Y'all had to see them!

To make this you will need: IMG_3084

3 Lbs Goat meat

2 Lbs Shaki (tripe)

Foodace Pepper soup Spice (or any other pepper soup spice mix)

Basil Leaves

2 Habanero peppers

1 Jalapeno Pepper

Ginger (thumb size)

1 Onion

Seasoning Cubes



  1. Grab a large enough pot, place it on the stove top  (yes it is part of the directions).
  2. Cut up your meats (goat meat and tripe) into sizable pieces and add to the pot. IMG_3088
  3. Put all your peppers, ginger, onions, 3 seasoning cubes and some salt in a blender and blend this till it is really fine. IMG_3094
  4. Add blended mixture to the meats in the pot, add some of the Pepper soup spice, add about eight cups of water to the pot stir and let this cook on medium heat for about 45 minutes or till desired meat softness. ezgif.com-optimize (8)
  5. After about 30 minutes of cooking cut up basil leaves and add to the pot, this give it a peculiar really fresh scent and taste. Let simmer on low heat for the rest of the time. Serve up and enjoy!

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