Suya Grilled Shrimp Tacos

GUYS!! So recently I have been overcome with work but you know, I’d never stop cooking. I am back again as usual. Thank you to everyone that has subscribed! Those who have not…wyd?


You guys know I am all about fusing dishes from outside Nigeria with Nigerian food, flavors, or staples. So the other day I was at the store and I saw these huge shrimps on a promo sale and I grabbed it so fast without thinking of what I wanted to use them for. Got home saw Tortillas and felt wow, it is lit, Shrimp Tacos. But then I had to find a way to sneak in a Nigerian flavor, what else than to season it with something Nigerian… and it hit me, if Suya and bread in Nigeria could work, Suya Shrimp and a flour tortilla will work too.




Flour Tortillas



Purple Cabbage

1 Avocado

Jumbo Shrimp


Sriracha Sauce

Red Onion

Garlic, Curry and Thyme

Avocado Oil (or any kind if you don’t want to be extra like me).

Man that was a long list. Did I mention I made my own spicy creamy sauce too? We going all out baby.

  1. To make the dressing, chop two cloves of garlic and mince it properly. Add six (6) Tbsp of Mayo, two (2) Tbsp of sriracha sauce, squeeze one lime in, add half a Tsp of avocado oil, and mix thoroughly. Done!
  2. Season your shrimp with salt, pepper, thyme, and curry and let sit for five minutes. Heat a griddle or you can use a pan to saute it not for too long so it doesn’t overcook. Take it off the heat and generously season and toss with Suya pepper.
  3. Pit your avocado, cut your cabbage, slice up some red onions, cut up your limes, chop up some cilantro, warm up some tortillas and assemble these items properly.
  4. Tortilla, cabbage, grilled suya shrimp, avocado slices, sriracha dressing, chopped cilantro, more dressing, fold and enjoy! You can make this dish for get-togethers, finger food, or tweak the recipe. The flavors in this Taco were so distinct but combined perfectly! Loved making this and loved eating it more. Look at this beauty!

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