Meat Pies

MEAT PIES!!!!! (Yes I was screaming this in my head). I’ll tell you why.

But first! I have been doing this for a long time and I recently decided to make my food accessible to those around me! Birthdays, office events, small parties, office potlucks, Thanksgiving dinners, private catering? I am your guy!

I started writing this post about two months ago, I didn’t post it because I really wanted to perfect it and make sure the measurements were spot on. I called my mum (shout out Mrs. Smith) and asked her for her meat pie recipe, she wrote it, scanned it and emailed it to me about 3 pages! I wish she was this enthusiastic some years ago when I asked for a second helping of meat from the pot, I wouldn’t have had to stea… nvm.

To today’s recipe. This is a meat filled pastry… (okay Tobi Mr. Obvious). Trust me this recipe is foolproof. I will detail how not to and how to have the perfect Meat Pie.

You will need:



2 Lbs Ground Beef

4 Potatoes

5 Carrots

Bay Leaves

1 Onion Bulb

Seasonings: Thyme, Curry, Garlic powder, Ginger powder

1 Tbsp Salt

1 seasoning cube


3 Cups of Flour

200g of Butter

1 Tsp Baking powder

1/2 Tspn Salt

2/3 Cup of Ice cold water

1 Egg

Easy right? Lets begin.


  1. Pray to the Meat Pie gods to grant you favor. Arrange your ingredients and post a photo on your social media so they know you are about to create magic and this will motivate you to do your best.source
  2. In a pot add your ground beef, chopped up onion, 1 Tspn each of thyme, curry, ginger powder garlic powder, bay leaves, salt and your seasoning cube. Cook this for 15 minutes.img_5149
  3. Peel, then chop up your potatoes and carrots as finely as possible and add these to the pot of cooking beef. Let this cook for about 15 more minutes. When this is cooked, stir it properly.  Mix 3 Tbsps of flour in 1.5 cup of cold water and add this to the pot to thicken it. This prevents having a watery filling and keeps it moist while it bakes.
  4. For your dough, mix flour, baking powder and salt and stir this together well with a whisk. Add your very cold hard butter into the flour and mix till it looks rough Pour in 3/4 cups of ice cold water gradually and mix till it is all incorporated. Wrap with a film and chill in the fridge for 10 minutes then bring it out and let it sit for another 10 minutes. Roll the dough out on a flat surface. My mum used to use a fork to seal the edges but I use a dough press set because it is cute, I am lazy and it also makes really firmly sealed pies (these people need to pay me for this promo). Before you seal your pies brush the edges with egg wash. Place your pies on a tray and brush with egg wash. Set in the fridge for about ten minutes then make holes on them with a fork. This prevents it from opening up while baking. Bring it out the fridge then brush again with egg wash (this makes it shine briiighttt like a diamond or Fenty beauty highlighter) then bake for 35-40 minutes on 350F. img_5390
  5. And, you  have your beautiful shiny meat pies! Enjoy!


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49 thoughts on “Meat Pies

  1. sulemuj11 says:

    Wonderful instructions! Your site is giving me things to do in the middle of this quarantine! Please continue

  2. Seyifunmi says:

    This looks well detailed….Thank you OluwaTobi.

  3. Ngozi says:

    Hi Tobi,

    Your love for food shines through this blog. Is there a way of ordering meatpie/scotch egg/gizdodo when i visit the US on the 3rd week of August? I’ll be in Minneapolis. Please let me know and i’ll get my friend to send you the money when We’ve finalised. Thank you.

  4. Okay I lovee your blog & instagram page!. I would love to know how much it’ll be to order your fenty cakes to Minneapolis.

  5. FD says:

    Hi, your recipe looks amazing. Do you take orders and if you do, do you deliver outside Texas?


    1. Tobi says:

      Hey! Thank you! Yes I do and I ship everywhere in the States. Email me let€s set something up. Oluwakolapo@gmail.com

  6. Superflycook says:

    Tobi—————. How many pies does this make on average pls?

  7. Ugo Chiori says:

    Looks easy. I want to make these this weekend. Can they be fried? How many meatpies did this yield? 24?(an seen in the picture)

    1. Tobi says:

      These measurements will yield 14-15

  8. Pookie says:

    I love it ! I am so proud of you ï¸

  9. esan sophie says:


  10. Ese says:

    I like your detailed recipe. please what is 150g in cups or sticks.

    1. Ese says:

      The issue with my meatpie is that the crust is always thick 🙁 So i always end up eating it alone lol. Ive made it twice and it was that way. 🙁

    2. Tobi says:

      Thank you. That€s 2/3 of a cup

  11. Tikka says:

    Well done, I got some pointers from your recipe. Made my meat pie better.
    Please, try chin chin too.

  12. Joy says:

    How many meat pies does this recipe make.

  13. Starr says:

    Please what is an egg wash

    1. Tobi says:

      It€s beaten eggs that are brushed on the pies.

  14. nutty_ayi says:

    Thank you for this recipe.
    Always wondered how you get a smooth dough.
    I’m definitely trying this soon.
    Fenty Beauty Meat pie for the Win! ˜

  15. Jueda says:

    Mogbe! Kolapooooo… where am I suppose to start from??? I want meat pie.

  16. I am putting meat pie on my list of things to try this weekend. I hope the meatpie god’s favor me

  17. Red says:

    So I made my first meatpie…and it’s not pretty˜‚˜‚
    But, it’s tasty

    1. Tobi says:

      Hey don’t stop making them. It€s never perfect st first try just keep at it

      1. Red says:

        Yeah, Thanks for inspiration

  18. Natalie says:

    I’m excited to try this out!!

  19. A. says:

    Mannn I’ve been craving meat pie this past week. Finally have a recipe to work with

    1. Tobi says:

      I’m glad I could come through! Let me know how it goes or if you have any questions thank you!

  20. Uju says:

    Amazing blog when are we having donuts

  21. Red says:

    I’m inspired & might try it out…but I would have liked to see what the filling looked like when it was ready…

    1. Tobi says:

      Thank you for pointing that out! I€ll update this

  22. Bolanle says:

    You make this look so easy. I’m so stressed looking at the instructions. You didn’t say what the measurement of the water and butter should be and the temperature of the oven.
    Great job and the meat pies look deliciouso.

  23. Bolanle says:

    You make this look so easy. I’m so stressed looking at the instructions. You didn’t say what the measurement of the water and butter should be and the temperature of the oven.
    Great job and the meat pies look deliciouso.

    1. Tobi says:

      Thank you Bolanle. I will edit this and include them. Water should be 3/4 cups of ice cold water and 150g of butter.

  24. Sandra Taj says:

    This looks really nice

  25. Dolapo says:

    That meat pie is glistening something serious. I really want to try this, wish me luck. Haven’t made this since like JS3.

  26. Omg! This looks so yummy and inviting!

    1. Tobi says:

      I know right! Thank youuuu

  27. Ayo says:

    Couple of questions
    What’s temperature should the oven be set to? 350°?
    Did you mix the yolk in with your egg wash? And how much water did you mix it with?

    P.S You’re doing something with this blog!

    1. Tobi says:

      Thank you so much! 350F is perfect and 2.5 Cups of ice cold water is fine too. Also I mixed the yolk with the whites. Thank you!

    2. Shade says:

      To create an egg wash: you can decided to use just egg whites, or the whole egg for more shine. 1 part egg, 1 part water should work well.

  28. whitney Edo says:

    lmaooo this is amazing Tobi, KEEP IT UP!! I stay up to dat w/ your page.

  29. Dee says:

    Hahahah!!’ Shoutout to Fenty Beauty!!! Lol, but well done, your meat pie highlight is pappin heavy!!!

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