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Spicy Rotisserie Chicken Wrap

# Leftovers and #PantryStaples power this Spicy Rotisserie Chicken Wrap recipe. Shout out to these items for always coming through! Working from home or preparing to go to the office or packing lunch for the family/a picnic, or even trying to grab a quick snack at home – this recipe is the one for you.

I hope I have done enough to convince you that this recipe is PERFECT. This recipe uses the fantastic Rodo Crisps to create a spread that will forever have a place in your heart – Rodo Crisps + Mayonnaise = Rodo Mayo.

More convincing: For this Spicy Rotisserie Chicken Wrap recipe, you will need six items, some of which might be lying in your pantry or fridge, and you don’t know what to do with them. Let’s turn those into a fantastic dish.

Pro-Tip – Making these and cutting them into smaller bits (like mini wraps) make for a good potluck item or an appetizer tray. (Don’t say we did not do anything for you).

Now to the recipe and how to do this. You will need some burrito wrapping skills and a hot pan later in the recipe.


1 Rotisserie Chicken 

1 cup Mayonnaise

 2 Tsp Rodo Crisps 

Tortilla Wraps 

1 Cup Mixed Shredded Cheese 

A handful Spinach Leaves


  1. In a bowl, combine mayonaisse and rodo crisps.Add Rodo crisps (according to spicy tolerance: 1 Tsp to each cup of Mayo and whisk properly. You’ve just created a monster sauce! RODO MAYO!
  2. Shred your Rotisserie Chicken and mix in your Rodo Mayo.
  3. Grab your Tortilla Wraps and add some shredded cheese to the baseSpicy Rotisserie Chicken Wrap
  4. Add some of your shredded chicken. Spread some more Rodo Mayo on top of this.
  5. Place fresh spinach leaves on top of your shredded chicken.
  6. Close up your wrap by doing these:
  • Fold the left and right sides inwards to cover the filling.
  • Roll the tortilla over the filling, tucking it in as you roll.
  • Continue rolling until your wrap is completely rolled up and the seam-side is on the bottom.

7. Place your Rotisserie Chicken Wrap with the flap side down on a medium-hot pan for 2 minutes. This will help close it up as it toasts. After 2 minutes, flip to the other side and “toast” around the wrap, and this melts all of the cheese and heats the wrap. Cut into your wrap diagonally and enjoy! Chicken Wrap

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